Let’s Prevent the Corona Catastrophe in Elderly Care Homes – The State Cannot and Does not Want to do it!

Care facilities for the elderly have become a pandemic hotspot. One third of all the people in Germany who have died due to Covid-19 were residents of elderly care and nursing homes. The misconduct of individual facilities isn’t to blame – this disaster has structural causes.

Political Crisis and Class Struggle in Brazil

This article is a short description of what’s going on in Brazil. While I was writing these lines we exceeded 11,000 deaths in Brazil, and I hope that quarantine will soon be imposed, and that those who have to provide for themselves will be financially supported during the lockdown through help from the federal government. For now, unfortunately, that is not what is happening.

A Worker Interview: Sylvie, Mailwoman in the French Post Office

“Before, if you finished work you could go home. But now it’s a private company, and they’re sticking to the schedule. I mean, to get away from work, because we have to fight to get paid for overtime hours. But right now, with these sanitary conditions, it’s silly to keep people in when they’re done working.”

Padrone di Merda – Worker Organizers Under Attack in Bologna, Italy!

At dawn this morning in Bologna, Italy, some precarious workers who refused to be exploited and swindled by their shit bosses were woken up by police officers, giving them notice of these precautionary measures against them. Five were ordered to leave Bologna and one was banned from approaching their ex-workplace and ex-bosses. A further 13 workers have also been charged.

COVID-19 and Work from Home: Experiences of an Indian IT Worker

The idea of work-from-home is nothing new and has been in practice in India for quite some time. As a socio-technical experiment in changing working conditions, work-from-home was being deployed in various places previously too, albeit this pandemic has turned it into an imposed necessity for a lot of workers. But the question is – at what price?