[Greece] And now what? First thoughts on an antagonistic movement prospect in times of pandemic

The rapid spread of a new form of coronavirus across the world, has meant for the states of developed capitalism for a new escalating attack on the lower classes, in the form of emergency measures. By stating this, we are in no way neglecting the fact that due to the pandemic we are amidst an unprecedented situation with an increasing number of infections and deaths.

Thoughts on a Social Pandemic and its State Management

. We concluded that capturing this discussion is useful in finding new communication pathways to reach out to those who also wonder what is going on, and are not just satisfied with the “stay home” prompt, but instead look for possibilities to exist within it, to transcend it, and to return once more to public space. In any case, this is time for redefining of actions, methods, goals, and practices.

New Types of School Sabotage in Distance Education

This student rebellion, by itself, may not be aimed towards any valid goal. As Malissa explained, it’s just a joke. And its immediate effect, most of the time, is to give headaches — and more work — to teachers and other school staff workers. At the same time, it is through this insubordination that students maintain a margin of autonomy. And it is precisely in this space of action outside the control of the school authorities that the possibilities for political confrontation resides.

Discussing the Covid-19 regime in seven steps

Corona has taken over. Despite the fear and panic (or even denial) that has taken hold, one thing is for sure: the cracks of the system are emerging for all to see. How can the Left respond in a way that dodges the minefield of strengthening the State, while at the same time ensuring that people are put before profits? How can self-organised activity, like the community groups that are popping up to help vulnerable people, be stimulated and, most importantly, be used as vehicles to get our demands met? It’s always good to reiterate demands, such as universal basic income, as well as push for new ones, such as full-pay sick leave from day one. But the question always is: how do we impose them?

Political Crisis and Class Struggle in Brazil

This article is a short description of what’s going on in Brazil. While I was writing these lines we exceeded 11,000 deaths in Brazil, and I hope that quarantine will soon be imposed, and that those who have to provide for themselves will be financially supported during the lockdown through help from the federal government. For now, unfortunately, that is not what is happening.

A Worker Interview: Sylvie, Mailwoman in the French Post Office

“Before, if you finished work you could go home. But now it’s a private company, and they’re sticking to the schedule. I mean, to get away from work, because we have to fight to get paid for overtime hours. But right now, with these sanitary conditions, it’s silly to keep people in when they’re done working.”