Rough Times in the Supermarket!

This leaflet was distributed in some supermarkets in São Paulo and other Brazilian cities during the last weeks.

Everyone knows that our work is essential at this moment, but no one wants to know whether we get sick. If there are no cashiers, no stockers, if the supermarket is not cleaned, how can people continue buying food during the pandemic? We have no protection against the virus in our workplace.

What can we demand from the companies so that we can keep working?

  • Immediate leave for all workers who (1) are part of groups at risk; (2) suspect of having been contaminated; (3) have close family members who are at risk. All workers must receive full pay while away from work.
  • No worker must be fired during this critical period.
  • Work posts, bathrooms and other facilities must be constantly disinfected.
  • Work schedules must be altered in order to avoid peak hours while commuting.
  • The number of people who enter the shops must be controlled, as is already being done in other countries.

These are basic measures. Many more may be necessary.

How can we achieve this? With a minimum of organization. Talking immediately to our work colleagues, reuniting as many employees as we can, either personally or through WhatsApp.

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