The Bosses are Killers

This leaflet was distributed in supermarkets and other public locations by a number of militant collectives across Italy. It refers to the fact that Confindustria, the Italian industrial bosses’ association, pressured the government to keep non-essential workplaces open.

Who will pay for all of this?

The industrial bosses have said that they can’t afford to shut down the factories and warehouses. In the meantime, they can clearly afford to allow a carnage of workers, our families, the sick and the elderly. We are being dumped onto a public healthcare system which was already in a state of collapse.

The bloodbath of the North risks spreading to the whole of Italy. We are told to keep working without protection, dying and spreading contagion, for their dirty profits.

Why are the unions on the side of the bosses? Where are the politicians who claim to be “on the side of the working class”? Why doesn’t the government requisition private healthcare and major assets to deal with the emergency, instead of sending the army into the streets?

There are people who are responsible for this tragedy.
If this is a war, they should be treated as war criminals.
Let’s refuse to be cannon fodder, let’s refuse to sacrifice ourselves for them.

Shut everything down! We want guaranteed income, health and security.

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