Brazil: Supermarket Workers Walkout in Minas Gerais

No matter how severe the quarantine, supermarkets are still operating normally in every state of Brazil. They seem to be one of the few sectors that will not follow the general trend of mass layoffs. In fact, they are hiring new workers since the stores are always full of people wanting to stock food.

To remain open, these companies should offer employees a range of contamination protection items and adopt procedures to reduce the number of customers inside the markets, which is obviously not happening in most places.

For this reason, on March 21, workers from the BH market chain crossed their arms to claim their safety. The workers in a store in Lagoa da Prata, Minas Gerais (a state in Southeastern Brazil), gathered at the door and refused to work until the number of people inside the market was reduced. “Nobody will work with that many people in the market, nobody! You’re making joke about this situation, but the thing is serious,” said one of the employees on video recorded during the protest.

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