For an international mutiny against Capital!

The corona virus has spread around the world and with it, the fear of becoming infected and dying from it. Proles everywhere are suffering the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and the measures taken by States. 2.6 billion people are confined, except of course a very large part of the workers, forced to go out to work in order to maintain production, and as always in capitalism at their own risk and dependency!
The first to revolt are those locked up in the prisons (whatever name they are called: CPR, prison, ,…) those for whom confinement is already the daily bread. Because immediately the prisoners became aware that they were in a risky environment and that whatever measures were taken, the situation was only going to worsen their living conditions. In France, even before the announcement of confinement, some prisons had already made their arrangements:
– Abolition of visiting rooms
– Fewer walks
– Suppression of Activities
– Fewer showers in prisons where they are communal
– No more medical visits
– No more activities
– No more smokes or small errands in the CPRs (because no more assos to bring them).

It’s the most total isolation, no more connection with the outside world and a way to be able to bring everything that can make life a little less harsh under the bars. The conclusion is quickly made: jail is going to kill us, we have to get out! The first collective revolts began on Sunday, March 15th, very quickly followed in several prisons. Then after the announcement of Macron and the measures announced by the Ministry of Justice, more and more prisoners joined the movement. The prisoners organized themselves: they refused to go up from their walks, went to the roofs, ransacked their cells, smashed the fences to communicate between wings, destroyed the cameras, and went on hunger strikes. Then, inside each prison and by a national coordination, a call is circulating: to block everything from March 23rd so that the Eris (cops specialized in repressing the prisoners) cannot intervene in all the prisons at the same time, and to block the possible transfers: about fifty prisons experienced a day of revolt, from the refusal to return to their cells to the destruction of several buildings (Uzerche). The very next day, the Minister of Justice announced that she was ordering 5,000 releases (only for the end of the sentence), not without having previously repressed the mutineers, shot with shotguns in Bezier, 350 transfers in Uzerche, a hundred or so prosecutions in Fleury, solitary confinement, cell searches, phones were seized… Communication with the interior is always complicated and is likely to be more and more so, let’s not lose the links we managed to creat. More than ever, we must relay what is happening inside, but also the solidarity of the relatives who are organizing outside. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any information. (a.s.a.p@riseup.net).

Like the virus, the prisoners’ revolt has no borders, mutinies have broken out in several countries; in Italy several weeks ago (see article), but also in the USA (Santa Fe), Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Iran (thousands of prisoners have been released) and the prisoners know it.
Everywhere, the objective seems clear, the one that all the prisoners of the world have always shared: to get out by any means: liberation or escape.

We have no illusions about what the state will have to offer here or there, as it always does, to stifle revolts when it has the strength to do so and to give crumbs when it has no other choice. The Corona will not change the order of things, the State does not open prisons, does not stop the factories, it rather tries to put in place a selection of those it cares for, and when the situation has calmed down, the economic crisis that will follow will at least cause as many deaths.

Only one solution is open to us, because all we will get will be by ourselves, proletarians of the whole world, locked up or out, let us rise up against the established order and organize an international mutiny against Capital !

ASAP Révolution – Rennes – Brittany, France

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