Ecuador: against the new “Paquetazo”!

“Ordinary people that can’t eat if they don’t work (the majority of the population) must rise up against these measures just as they did in October. Indeed: We must make a new revolt, folks, because these measures are worse than the ones in October”

Informal Worker’s Rap

This sound is a tribute to the train vendor Billy Joe, killed by the coronavirus. This song is from São Paulo, Brazil, and was lauched on the 16th of April.

Why Interview Frontline Covid-19 Workers?

Here is the text that we, the “Collectif Classe”, wrote in order to present the general framework within which we are currently conducting interviews with workers in France.

Rough Times in the Supermarket!

Everyone knows that our work is essential at this moment, but no one wants to know whether we get sick. If there are no cashiers, no stockers, if the supermarket is not cleaned, how can people continue buying food during the pandemic?