[Greece] And now what? First thoughts on an antagonistic movement prospect in times of pandemic

The rapid spread of a new form of coronavirus across the world, has meant for the states of developed capitalism for a new escalating attack on the lower classes, in the form of emergency measures. By stating this, we are in no way neglecting the fact that due to the pandemic we are amidst an unprecedented situation with an increasing number of infections and deaths.

Thoughts on a Social Pandemic and its State Management

. We concluded that capturing this discussion is useful in finding new communication pathways to reach out to those who also wonder what is going on, and are not just satisfied with the “stay home” prompt, but instead look for possibilities to exist within it, to transcend it, and to return once more to public space. In any case, this is time for redefining of actions, methods, goals, and practices.

Insurgency and Revolution

How can we win? The first wave of uprising that spread around the world in 2018-2019 was the premise of a new revolutionary cycle. Today, this cycle has reopened, right in the belly of world capitalism: the USA.

Discussing the Covid-19 regime in seven steps

Corona has taken over. Despite the fear and panic (or even denial) that has taken hold, one thing is for sure: the cracks of the system are emerging for all to see. How can the Left respond in a way that dodges the minefield of strengthening the State, while at the same time ensuring that people are put before profits? How can self-organised activity, like the community groups that are popping up to help vulnerable people, be stimulated and, most importantly, be used as vehicles to get our demands met? It’s always good to reiterate demands, such as universal basic income, as well as push for new ones, such as full-pay sick leave from day one. But the question always is: how do we impose them?

Couriers Protests in Ecuador: Proletarian Resistance in the Midst of Precarization and Pandemic

Here and everywhere the struggle of the food delivery app workers is a true symbol of the precarious proletariat in the service sector and their assertive struggle under transnational computerized and finance capitalism in times of catastrophic crisis and of virtualization and social isolation.

Corona in the Slaughterhouses

Many workers now have to choose between health and income. Or between poverty and illness. That’s ordinary blackmail, but apparently not even worth mentioning in this society.

Editorial #3 : End It

“I can’t breathe.” No phrase could have better summed up the situation the U.S. proletariat has been going through since the beginning of the pandemic. Pronounced by George Floyd as a cop was choking him to death, it became the expression of a revolt that has spread throughout the United States in less than a week.

Editorial #2: Breaking the Walls of Isolation

The COVID-19 epidemic has intensified migrants’ struggles against confinement, against the deterioration of their living and working conditions, and for freedom of movement and legal status. In Greece, a major … Read More

Self-managing the Titanic

Fever is an attempt to bring together comrades from around the globe, to share reflections on the class struggle and to build a collective understanding. As part of this collective process of exchange and confrontation, we have decided to write a regular editorial: a platform on which to debate the burning questions of this unprecedented period of catastrophe and upheaval.